The American Spring is Coming!

This Spring we will watch as genetically engineered crops bloom on the open space lands we own, and voted to protect, but we’re unable to do so.

This Spring we will watch as fracking holes spew toxins into our air and water supply only a few hundred yards from where our children play.
This Spring we will shudder as the immigrants among us are exploited, de-humanized, and blamed for our failing American Dream.
This Spring young African American men and women and all people of color will walk in terror as a divided nation continues to fear its neighbors.
This Spring we will continue to see our neighbors’ homes foreclosed upon and stolen from them by an openly fraudulent banking system where the “house” always wins.This Spring we will once again fear the shock and awe of our mighty military. We will lay awake in terror fearing the human toll of the fog of war.
This Spring women will once again have to defend their rights and their bodies from those who wish to reverse the tide of human progress.
As Spring comes earlier this year, the 99% are mad as hell and we are not taking it anymore. For too long the forces of the 1% have divided us and run roughshod over our rights. The dominant economic and political systems have turned our democracy into a hoax, our Republic into a police state and our economy into a casino. We pay more taxes for services we never see and rail systems never built while “they” ask for more every year. Congress allows themselves the right to insider trading and votes to cut funds for social services. We are told to pay higher fees, and they pay themselves higher salaries. Our equity crumbles and their bonuses double. We sweat to pay our debts and the Federal Reserve Bank just makes more money out of thin air. We fight, they profit.
Today we exercise the right of the people to peaceably assemble, to speak and to petition our Government for a redress of our grievances. Today we stand together in solidarity.
Together the voices of the 99% will be so loud that the “bought-and paid-for” politicians and their corporate handlers cannot help but hear us and respond.
The time has come to turn the page and move to a new phase of history. The American people are awakening. Boulder is awakening. Join us on Saturday, March 31st as we kick off the American Spring in Boulder with an 11AM rally at corner of Broadway and Canyon followed by a march through downtown and the Pearl St Mall to the Old County Courthouse.

This will be but the beginning of Our Spring as we build toward a series of actions all up and down the Front Range. This Spring the collective voices of the 99% will demand clean water, clean air, safe foods, and our inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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